For a precise fitting of the product Green Coin is made of multiple laminated wood. The material is FSC®-certified birch. The dimensions of Green Coin are calibrated exactly to the dimensions of the 1-Euro-coin by a high-quality process.


The material used for the production of Green Coin is hard wood with the following characteristics: durability, flexibility and water resistance. These characteristics are proved by an official German institution (TÜV Rheinland).


For your safety we have tested the function of Green Coins in the trolley lockers. Green Coins passed all the tests with no failures even in long-term loading processes (TÜV Rheinland).

Your advantages

  1. made in Germany
  2. directly from the producer
  3. tested by an official institution (TÜV)
  4. FSC®-certified wood
  5. front with your logo
  6. rear with FSC®-logo
  7. MOQ 500 pcs.
  8. perfect promotional give-away